Donal has developed his business over the years dealing in most types of horses but has always specialised in the younger horses. Experience showed that while people were not prepared to buy green horses  there was a ready market in unspoilt young ones.

Donal  also made a conscious decision to initially specialise in event horses as this is the area where Irish horses are eminently suitable.  Irish mares are the best in the world and the bloodlines being developed are one of Irelands best natural assets.

First impressions are 90% of a sale and Donal is recognised as having one of the best eyes in the business. Overall athleticism and conformation is important but Donal also looks at the head and eye to get a real feel for a horse. Once they have walked up and he has seen them trot the decision is made quickly.

All horses purchased are professionally examined before being sent to the yard and are professionally transported to ensure the horses well being.

Donal buys absolutely the best youngsters he can to ensure that he has enough stock for future sales and production. The horses are generally bought as three year olds and kept in the yard to ensure a steady supply of four to six years olds are available for sale.

Historically Donal has specialised in eventers although his joint venture (The Billy Stud with International show jumper William Funnell ( specialising in breeding competition horses is developing with over 50 brood mares . This is arguably one of the biggest breeding enterprises in the UK.