We are based in West Sussex, and are Englands most prolific importers of Irish competition horses.
"I got him from Donal" is one of the most common quotes when a competition rider is interviewed at a prize giving.

We have a supply of both experienced horses and green horses, and there are always a large selection of three to six year old horses, some unbroken, available for sale in the yard.  We make a buying trip to Ireland on average every 4-6 weeks to ensure new horses are always available.

Our customers range from world class professional eventers and show jumpers to amateur riders wanting quality horses. Our horses are regularly seen winning at events from Badminton, Burgie, and Blenheim to smaller local events.

For Donal it is vitally important to place the right horse with the right rider and for both to reach their true potential.

"Donal has a lot of horses for you to look at and is always good-humoured about letting you take them out of the stable more than once. The place is immaculate whatever time of day you turn up and Donal  is always fun."

We have a client list that return again and again to buy, due to the quality of horse we are able to supply and the nature of the way we operate.

Donal is only ever a phone call away and is always happy to have a horse back if it has proven to be unsuitable,  on the basis that he was happy to have it in the first place.